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Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop has expanded to a second location! In 2012 Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop opened a location in Cedar Rapids at 4640 1st Ave NE, next to Best Buy, and quickly became a community favorite. To better accommodate all of their hungry patrons they opened a second location at 4201 42nd St NE, Ste 140. Now they are situated to serve the northeast residential side of town, as well as the abundance of corporate and local businesses in that area, even easier. As a number one choice for a quick and filling lunch or dinner, and with the addition of catering and a second location, they have you covered.

Capriotti’s uses fresh, quality ingredients, and a unique combination of topping unlike anything you will find anywhere else; which has led to their success here and across the country, with more than 100 locations nationwide. It’s hard to believe it all started in a small, family shop in Little Italy, Delaware, as a way to attract turkey lovers. Capriotti’s has grown exponentially and have formed a menu of extraordinary specialty subs, sandwiches, soups and salads, to share with us. They even have homemade chocolate chip cookies, made in the shop daily to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Both locations have an open kitchen space to allow patrons to watch their meal being prepared. And the smell in the air, oh my! Each day, Capriotti’s bakes dozens of homemade chocolate chip cookies and wraps each by hand for their patrons. They melt in your mouth! If you don’t stop in while the cookies are baking you may catch the aroma of turkey wafting through the air. Each day three succulent 25-pound butterball turkeys are prepared to juicy perfection and hand-shredded to fill their various subs, sandwiches, soups and salads throughout the day.

This time of year the smell of that beautiful golden turkey draws me to Capriotti’s for their famous founding sub, the Bobbie®. This sub is Thanksgiving wrapped up anytime of the year you want it. The Bobbie® consists of a heaping pile of chilled turkey, topped with homemade stuffing and a tangy cranberry sauce on a 9-12 inch roll of thick soft bread with a sturdy crust. The zip of the cranberry sauce really fuses all of the flavors together and brings a Thanksgiving celebration to your pallet.

Another turkey favorite is the Cole Turkey® which consists of chilled shredded turkey, topped with their fresh homemade coleslaw, provolone cheese, Russian dressing and mayo. The thick and creamy coleslaw is what really makes the sandwich for me. The thick, chopped cabbage adds a great crunch and the tangy Russian dressing with mayo brings it all together for a taste of summer.

Capriotti’s also prepare a 22-pound choice, top-round roast each day that easily falls apart into shredded beef to fill some of Capriotti’s favorite combinations like the Slaw Be Joe®. Chilled shredded roast beef and provolone cheese topped with their coleslaw and Russian dressing, making this the ultimate in roast beef sandwiches. With a light swipe of Mayo on the bread to help keep the juice from absorbing to quickly, all the flavors hold together.

If you’re a cheese steak lover, Capriotti’s will be your favorite place to appease your craving. Their cheese steak doesn’t have a load of toppings, but is rather simple done right. Using their tender choice top round beef with added sautéd onions and sweet green peppers, the cheese steak will capture your taste buds for a return visit. I personally like to add their house-made hot crushed cherry pepper relish. The relish adds a nice smack of sweet heat that lingers on the tongue.

Try Capriotti’s Capture 2 and indulge in one of their Capriotti’s signature soups or salads to go with a half of your favorite sub. Like their hearty Clam Chowder, a bowl full of creamy comfort food to warm you up as the weather starts to turn colder; or their fragrant minestrone full of fresh vegetables in a thick vegetable stock with bite-size pieces of pasta. The Tomato Bisque soup and the BBQ Turkey salad are a couple of my favorites as they pack a full punch of flavor. The Tomato Bisque is a luscious, thick tomato soup, rich in flavor. The BBQ Turkey salad is a unique blend of fresh mixed greens, topped with cold shredded turkey, diced tomatoes, a corn and black bean mix, crispy cheddar onions, chipotle ranch dressing and a drizzle of BBQ sauce. Definitely not a salad you will find anywhere else. The combination of chipotle ranch and BBQ sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The Black and Blue salad brings together their homemade roast beef on a bed of mixed greens topped with gorgonzola cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes, sweet peppers, and crispy cheddar onions with a light drizzle of gorgonzola vinaigrette. It’s a bold combination that melds together perfectly.

The food is excellent, original and over-the-top-delicious; but even more, Capriotti’s is always ready to help in a pinch. This is one of my busiest times of year that Capriotti’s catering bails me out regularly. Between school starting and after school activities getting underway, and the abundance of extra kids around, not to mention all of the Iowa game day tailgating parties, I call Capriotti’s to put together a winning meal for us often. It is a huge time saver and they have such an array of menu items to choose from to make everyone happy. Capriotti’s also offers a great box lunch for those quick lunch staff meetings. And the box lunch includes one of their yummy, homemade cookies! Stop in for lunch or dinner, or order out. They have you covered!

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
4640 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids 319.393.2900
4201 42nd St NE, Ste 140 Cedar Rapids 319.200.2277

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

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