Killer Bee - 1968 Dodge Super Bee

Article and photography by Richard Butschi

Most all of us harbor cherished memories of our childhood homes and the cars that we first knew. Car folks later long for those vehicles to relive the past, turning memories to reality. Such is the case of Brian Aller, Toddville, who was raised on Mopar. His father, Ron, had a ‘69 Plymouth Road Runner.

While in high school, Brian caught wind of a ‘68 Dodge Coronet owned by an 89 year old lady in Czech Village. It was a red 2-door hardtop with a 318 engine and automatic transmission. And as young bulls do, Aller spent hours cleaning, tweaking and adding personal touches, such as mounting the Cragar rims leftover from his dad’s Road Runner.

This was Aller’s “baby” from 1984 to ‘96, but things changed. He was now married and raising a family so practicality stepped in. He bought a mini-van (OMG!), sacrificing his Mopar, his boat, his Jeep and motorcycle to do so. Fast-forwarding to 2009, the Mopar bug within worked its way to the surface. Aller started checking Ebay, eventually locating an authentic ‘68 Super Bee through a muscle car site in Minnesota, and skipping the formalities of a visit and test drive, bought the Bee over the phone, after photos and questions. The car was in somewhat stock condition with the 383 4-barrel carb and column-mounted, automatic 3-speed Torqueflite transmission. There were only 2 engine options when the Super Bee debuted for 1968 – the 383/335hp version and the 426/425