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Get Away to Kingston Suites Boutique Hotel

Article by Michelle Howe Photography by Justin Fox

Next door to the historic Brick Cottage is a Victorian home that was built in 1900 by John Cerveny, who was Vice President of a local bank; today known as Kingston Suites. It was Mr. Cerveny’s desire to have a house on the highest point of ground within a ten-mile radius. He had the area surveyed and determined this was the spot. The proof of that was realized in 2008, when ten miles or more of this city went under water, due to an epic flood. This property was referred to as the “Island of 2008.” The only water to touch this property was in the basement through the storm drains. The entryway from the back of the home takes you into the lobby, which was originally the kitchen. It is equipped with a Keurig coffee pot that boasts a selection of teas and coffees. Original brick from the chimney is exposed as well to give you a welcome feeling. There are pictures located in the entry that show the property during the flood of 2008 and display the fact the property remained dry.

There are a total of three suites available for use in the home - each with an entire floor to yourself. Separate keypads allow access to the suites, and boast all of the modern-day amenities you depend on including a mini-fridge and coffee pot. There is a sense of privacy, rest and relaxation in the home that leaves you feeling as if you are in another era of time.

The first floor hosts the four-room Cerveny suite. There is a king and a queen bedroom, a living room and bathroom that are done in silvers, with purple accent tones and glittery silver wallpaper. The wood floors are all original but have been refinished here as well. The main level bath has an art deco style that is stylish, but fits with the historic feel of the building.

The second floor is the five-room Gateway suite. Here, there are larger rooms with more treasures for you to discover. This floor has had every room renovated and a bathroom added. Tile accents have been added all around the full-size tub that calls you to indulge in a little spa time. The bedrooms have been lovingly wallpapered and designed for your comfort and relaxation. This floor also provides a sitting area for makeup and dressing purposes. The living room was closed off from the bedroom using recycled wood flooring that gives it new life as an artistic feature.

The third floor homes the Gancy suite. It started as a black hole of an attic in May of 2018, but it is now a luxurious, romantic get-away. There is a love seat as you get to the top of the stairs - perfect for an intimate evening cuddling in front of the dual fireplace. Beyond that is the sleeping area with a quaint nook to sit in and enjoy a good book. The area is complete with a king bed and a TV that swivels 180 degrees. Another great feature of this suite is the large tub - perfect for soaking in – as well as a walk-in shower. All three suites do offer WIFI and a workspace for your laptop.

Overall, each of the three suites offers you the perfect stay in Cedar Rapids whether you are in town on business or pleasure. The property is easy to find being located right off Interstate 380. You are also only a short walking distance from McGrath Amphitheater, Czech Village, NewBo and downtown Cedar Rapids.

With the renovations complete, the properties became officially available for use in December, 2018. The Neurohr’s daughter Michelle is manager of the properties and will be your host, attending to every detail to guarantee your stay or event will have the best outcome.

The contractors that helped the Neurohr’s through this process include: Haage Construction - removed and rebuilt the roof and porch; Farmer and Sons rebuilt the chimney; painting was done by Doerrfeld Solutions; restoration and reconstruction was done by Ben and Jim Barkalow of BC Remodeling Innovations; Air Comfort, 5 Star Plumbing, Gleason Electric, Weber Paint and Glass, Gray’s Flooring, Ferguson’s and Glass Concepts helped make this project a reality. Financing was provided by Steve Willette at Ohnward Bank.

Kingston Suites can be found on for reservations or you can also call 319.640.3297. For booking the Brick Cottage, go to, or email You won’t regret a visit to either facility, for your event or weekend get-away. New memories await you!

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