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Creating Comfort in 2021

A new year is upon us and, as always, a plan of things to accomplish in the year ahead. 2020 was a challenging year. One of the things we will strive to accomplish this year is bringing comfort and security back to our lives. Many of us have found ourselves spending more time at home than ever before. More time in our kitchens as we dine out less. More time in our living areas spending time in with family instead of going out. More time working and learning from a make-shift home office. Feeling comfortable in our homes has become more important than ever before. This is a great time to think about how you can create more comfort in your home and in your life.

Often the kitchen is the hub of the home; the central family hangout room. This past year the kitchen has seen even more use than before as it also turned into a school room and office for many. In 2021 we will see a trend of updating our homes to better accommodate all of the extra family time and use.

Open floor plans will continue to be popular, but some room separation will become important as we feel the need to create separation from work or school and our family time. New designs will be all about multi-tasking and incorporating pieces that are multi-functional. Kitchens will adapt a second island to give more counter space and storage. Push open and close cabinet doors along with touchless and voice activated faucets will be a hot trend as we go more towards simplicity. Appliances will also get an upgrade. Smart appliances that can be started from a phone will lend to your multitasking kitchen; and specialty ovens and high-tech grills will bring the family all together. White will remain a timeless classic color scheme, though we will also see more warm, rich colors used this year to be more welcoming. People will also incorporate more glass into the interior of the home to let more natural light in to give a more spacious feel.

Extra space in the home will be reimagined. As we spend more time at home and less going out, we will see more of a need for home entertainment. In-home theatres and game rooms will be even more popular this year; and home gyms will become a new necessity. We will also see more dedicated home office space to keep a clearer line between work and home.

Maximizing space outdoors will be just as popular. Patios with outdoor furniture and grills have been around for years, but now we will see entire kitchen and living spaces created outdoors. Modern outdoor appliances in stainless steel will join high-tech grills and brick ovens built into lavish dining areas complete with even the kitchen sink. Firepits will turn into full fireplaces built around extravagant lounge areas with stone surround. Large screen televisions to full theatre screens with seating will bring it all together.

As we spend more time in our outdoor space, we will also find the need to feel a little more separation from our neighbors. Hot this year will be adding privacy fence to surround our new outdoor living spaces, completing the new entertainment hub. It’s all about comfort and security in 2021.

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