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A New Year A New You

As we approach a new year, we often think of the things that we want to change in the coming year. We make resolutions to spend more time with loved ones, make better financial decisions, end unwanted bad habits like smoking, and of course, lose 10 pounds. Coming up with resolutions is not the hard part, sticking to them is. So, this year let’s make a resolution to keep our resolutions! Here a few tips to help you stay on track no matter what you’re trying to accomplish this year.

1. Start by making clear and achievable goals. Know exactly what you want to accomplish this year and why. The why, is just as important as the what. Goals that have no significant importance, are left to the wayside before the end of January! Making sure your resolutions are achievable is also important. If you set your sights too high, you will not be able to see you reaching your goal and will most likely give up sooner.

2. Right down your resolutions with a clear vision of what you want to achieve, why, and how you are going to do it. If you have a plan of action it is much easier to stick to each day and the greater your chance of attaining your goals. Setting goals in smaller increments to achieve can be very helpful as well. For instance; setting a goal of losing 10 pounds the first three months of the year is a short-term goal that is very achievable. A goal of losing 100 pounds the first three months is not!

3. Tell others. It’s very important to tell others your resolutions. You may want to keep your personal resolutions personal; however, then no one knows if you didn’t keep your resolution and that lack of accountability makes it easy to procrastinate. Support from family and friends can make a world of difference in helping keep you on track and honest. They will be able to give you encouragement when you need it and celebrate in your progress with you as you accomplish your goals.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments as they come. As you write down your resolutions and vision of reaching them, include a reward system for yourself. Did you lose the 10 pounds in three months, sounds like a reason for a new top!

One day at a time. Take each day as it comes and do not get discouraged. Maybe you went two whole days without a cigarette. As a former smoker, that is a big accomplishment towards a life of being a nonsmoker. If on the third day you cave and have a smoke, it does not take those two days away. You made it two out of three days and start back again on day four. Making changes to your life can be a challenge no matter what the change is. Remember, you made these resolutions for a reason. You have invested time and thought into what you want. Now invest yourself and accomplish your goals!

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