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Joshua James, CSPS Legion Arts

Joshua James, CSPS Legion Arts

He swayed to his own songs, letting the rhythm loosen his bones. Not many musicians can pull off dancing and swaying to their own music but Joshua James can. The audience was privileged to watch him emotionally connect with his lyrics and music in a way that moved him and consequently moved us. US singer songwriter, Joshua James, imbues his lyrics with nostalgia and tenderness; a visceral profoundness. Neither sugary nor maudlin, this folk artist yearns to create an authentic human experience. The audience of around sixty roared and whistled and responded enthusiastically to Joshua James’s set. The Legion Arts building proved a gorgeous, intimate venue, with excellent acoustics and an impressive sound system. I could hear every click of the guitarist’s pedals. The women seated next to me swore they could even smell the band. The intimacy of the environment was conducive to a personal experience.

The beauty of Joshua James is that you can tell he has a kind soul, through his stage presence and through his lyrics. In his song, “Willamette Mountain,” the name his wife and him have given their Utah home, a line goes: “I could cut you fresh ginger if you say you’re staying” and I believe Joshua James would cut me fresh ginger if I came to visit. How Joshua James has continued to fly under the radar, with his biggest hits not even breaking 200,000 views on Youtube, I do not know or understand. If you haven’t heard of him, give his music a listen and you’ll know exactly what I mean.


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