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AJ's Copper Garden
Ali’s Weeds Floral & Gifts 
Alice’s Wonderland 319.895.4068 Like us on Facebook 
Amana Furniture
Amana General Store 
Amana Woolen Mill 
Appliance Parts Supply 
Ara Gallery 
Audio Room 
Bass Farms
Basket Bowtique
Bauman’s and Company 319.895.8692
Benz Depot
Betty and Bobo’s Better Breads 
Betty’s Bread Basket 
Big Boy Meats 
Birth, Baby, & Beyond
Blue Lagoon 
Brambles Gift Shop 319.362.1313 Like us on Facebook
Campbell Steele
Catiri's Art Oasis
Insights Boutique 319.364.2150 Like us on Facebook
Intelligent Life Toys
Jodi K’s
Jojo’s Asian Cuisine 319.631.8934 Like us on Facebook
Kevins A-1 Vacuum 
Lehm Books & Gifts 
Lush Couture 319.431.1381 Like us on Facebook
Mad Modern 319.533.8162 Like us on Facebook
Martin Brother Country Store
Maya Contemporary Clothing 319.895.8299 Like us on Facebook
Millar Woodwind Repair 
Modern Naturals 
Nelsons Meat Market 
Pak Mail 
Pappardelle’s Pasta 563.529.3123 Like us on Facebook
Platinum Rose
Polka Dots & Denim 319.294.2222
Quilt Makers Shop 
Re Jewel Custom
Red Wing Shoes  
Right Frame of Mind 319.895.6372 Like us on Facebook 
Room Renew 319.329.9965
Silver Spider 319.895.9977 Like us on Facebook
Simply Divine 
Splurge Boutique 
The Ceramics Center 
The Chocolate Haus 
The Garden Wren 
The Green Door 
Top Drawer Consignment
The Fabric Stasher
The Fun Shoppe 
The Market Gourmet 563.271.6423
The Perfect Blend Gift Shop 319.895.6862 Like us on Facebook 
The Stitchin Post 
The Wright Touch 
Thompson Shoes 
Two Jennifers 319.431.0497 Like us on Facebook
Village Meat Market
Wildlife Habitat

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