The Kinsey Sicks: Oy Vey in a Manger
By Lily Allen-Duenas
Photo by Charles “Rain” Black

The Kinsey Sicks dazzled a sold out audience at CSPS on Friday, December 20 with their side-splitting “dragapella” holiday show, Oy Vey in a Manger. The Kinsey Sicks are an award-winning a cappella quartet fabulously dressed in glittery and gaudy drag. CSPS was packed to the brim and the diverse audience was tittering with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the entrance of Winnie (Irwin Keller), Rachel (Ben Schatz), Trixie (Jeff Manabat), and Trampolina (Spencer Brown).

In Oy Vey in A Manger, The Kinsey Sicks bought the manger where Jesus Christ was born from Joseph and Mary (The Christ Family) when it was being foreclosed. Now, the manger is being foreclosed upon again — during the holiday season no less! — and it’s up to Winnie, Rachel, Trixie, and Trampolina to sell the manger. When cleaning and reminiscing, the Kinsey Sicks reinterpret and rename holiday songs, transforming seasonal classics into “Vanna White Christmas,” “Oh Come Ye Unfaithful,” and “Satan Baby.” The Hanukkah favorite “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” is rewritten to include the lyrics “Facial facial facial / I made it out of clay / facial facial facial / now I look like Beyonce!” The Kinsey Sicks have an original premise and sharp writing skills.

There was nary a moment when the audience wasn’t roaring with laughter. The Kinsey Sicks take jokes to the extreme and they occasionally go too far, but that’s the point: to strike nerves and to jolt beliefs, all in seamless harmony. Their cleverly apt expressions and surprising puns, coupled with their contemporary pop culture references from Honey Boo-Boo to the Ferguson, MO grand jury decision, the Kinsey Sicks are not afraid to sprinkle acerbic cultural and religious criticism into their show.

Their first performance was in 1994 in San Francisco. Since then, they have been wildly successful including Off-Broadway shows, two movies, and seven albums. According to their website, “The Kinsey Sicks are the longest out gay performance troupe in existence.” Impressive? Absolutely. Fiercely feminist, flamboyant, flashy and intensely intelligent, the Kinsey Sicks offer a refreshing and absolutely hilarious brand of entertainment.

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